Musician explores new musical side with Ragers By Gary S. Angelo/

April 17, 2013 at 11:16 pm

RAGERS March 2013 promo photo Matt Jauch, vocalist and lead guitarist of Cleveland Ohio’s Ragers,  has one astonishing musical resume. Jauch  has played in the acclaimed lo-fi jangle pop project, Boatzz  plus other Cleveland staples including Chalkline,  Solo Flyer,  and Stimulus Package.   Jauch said that with Ragers he is taking on lead guitar duties  while in the past he was more  of a rhythm player. Jauch is quite well-versed in playing many genres and subgenres of music. “Style-wise I have done a lot.  Hardcore, Emo, radio-rock, indie-rock,  and Brit-rock. As you get older ,it’s fun to venture into different genres and challenge yourself to be competent with writing and playing different styles. With Ragers, you’ll hear those old influences here and there in the lead playing  and noodling that I do,” Jauch said. Jauch said that Ragers plays in the style that delves in psychedelic rock meets ballsy anthemic rock.  He said that this is a new stylistic musical path.

“Our core influences for Ragers are Nirvana, and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club.  We really like the UK group, Band of Skulls and you’ll also hear some AC/DC in our music as well, ” Jauch said.

On Friday, April 19th at Cedars West End, located at 706 Steel Street Youngstown, Ohio, Ragers will take the stage with  Underground Pete, Pilot The Mind and The Mast.  The show starts at 10 PM and admission is the “magic number 5″ aka $5.

Ragers includes Matt Jauch, on vocals and  lead guitar, Brandon Zano, on guitar and lead vocals , Cailtlin Dorney, vocals and bass  and Stephen Nicholson, vocals and drums.  Bassist Caitlin Dorney is a former resident of Youngstown.  Jauch said that Brandon Zano (guitar & lead vocals) formed Ragers in late 2011.

” He was working on a solo album, and this came in the wake of the breakup of Zano’s previous band, This Is A Shakedown. He played me some of the early demos and I liked them a lot. At the time, I was on a hiatus from playing in bands , but I knew I’d come back at some point. Zano and I had known each other since 1996 and we’ve worked together in different capacities, but never started our own full-time band together from the ground up. We played  together in some side projects and filled in for each other’s bands here and there. We did a Nirvana tribute band  for fun in 2009 and that went over really well here in Cleveland,” Jauch said.

Zano then decided he wanted to pursue Ragers as  more of a full-band effort, recruiting Dorney and  Nicholson. In 2012, Ragers released the “Amnesia” EP . Currently ,Ragers has many great moments ahead of them.  On July 7th the band will open  for Bad Religion at Summerfest in Millwaukee, Wisconsin.

“I am extremely excited  for that, as Bad Religion is one of my all time favorites. Bad Religion was the first punk show I ever went to in 1992. We are working on a full-length album. We have a lot of songs leftover from the beginning, some from the same time period  as when we were  writing for the ‘Amnesia’ EP  that didn’t fit  the release and others  that were written shortly thereafter. We are currently writing a bunch right now. So add all that up and we’re going to go in with 16-20 tracks and whittle it down to around 10-12.  We just came off a  9-day tour  of the east coast in February,” Jauch said.

The year 2013 brings in more plans for Ragers, which includes a  10 day tour in September , which Jauch said will end in Rehoboth, Delaware at the  Dewey Beach Festival.  The band plans on doing 2 full tours in 2013 and then playing the regional weekend gigs.

“We build all  our tours around  festivals and it seems to work well. We want to finish writing for our debut full-length and then start recording. We recorded and produced the EP ourselves, with some help along the way from friends. We will most likely record and produce the upcoming album ourselves, which we like doing.  Zano has spent the past few years learning how to engineer, mix and produce. He is getting very good at it and is working on a lot of recording projects here in Cleveland. He is also recording and producing our friends from West Virginia, Jesse Smith and The Holy Ghost (former member of the hardcore band, Zao),” Jauch said.

Jauch said that hopefully Ragers full length will be out later in 2013. The band is working rather rigorously, sculpting their sound into rock-powerhouse- perfection. Ragers sound is designed to please fans of neo-psych rock, and heavy post punk.

“We are getting heavier, faster and crazier. I suppose this is the normal progression when your band name is ‘Ragers’ right? Once in awhile, we do like to write ‘ballad’ -type songs, but not in a cheesy way, but more like psychedelic mind-benders. One or two of those may show up on our full-length,” Jauch said.

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