Dead-On Revival: Jones For Revival Covers The Grateful DeadBy Gary S. Angelo (Aka “Killjoy”)

December 6, 2011 at 5:39 pm




 For over three decades, The Grateful Dead has defined American musical culture. Since the mid 60s, The Dead’s music and lifestyle has been a household name among listeners young and old.  The band has even influenced a generation of Alt-rock acts like Screaming Trees, Thelonious Monster, Meat Puppets, Tripping Daisy, Rusted Root and Jane’s Addiction.

            Since 2003, James DeCapua and his band, Jones For Revival have been delivering the splendor of the Dead’s influence to local and regional crowds. The band has built musical momentum at regional festivals like RukusFest, VexFest and their very own event, “Jonesfest,” which is held at Nelson Ledges Quarry Park in Garrettsville,Ohio.    

            On Friday December 23rd at The Lemon Grove Café located on 122 Federal Plaza West, Youngstown, Ohio, Jones For Revival will be covering all of The Grateful Dead’s classics.

The band also paid homage to The Grateful Dead at The Lemon Grove previously on Friday November  25th. DeCapua says he is inspired by The Dead’s entire musical catalogue. The band is also in the process of recording a new album which will be released in March of 2012.

“Originally we weren’t going to do any shows period until March 2012. When we first decided to do a Dead show, we had only planned on playing one. After realizing there were so many songs that we enjoyed jamming on, we decided to book another two shows,” DeCapua said.

The band includes James DeCapua, on guitar and vocals, Dave Lynn, on bass and vocals, Gino West, on drums and percussion and Ryan Mitiska, on Keyboards and vocals.

Jones For Revival’s discography includes Outside The Box (2007), No Chedder ( 2008), Leaving Ohio (2009), Jones For Revival Live CD (2010), and The Basement Sessions (2011). The band has also put out a few live DVD releases including Jones For Revival Live @ Vexfest IV DVD, and  Jones For Revival Live DVD (footage from Jonesfest I and Vexfest 5),

At the previous Grateful Dead tribute show, the band covered the classics like “Ramble On Rose,” “Jack Straw,” “Friend of The Devil,” “Fire On the Mountain,” and “Tennessee Jed.”

“We want to keep the songs we are covering at the December 23rd show secret so the experience of the show is more stimulating,” DeCapua said.

            Jones For Revival formed in 2003 on the campus ofKentStateUniversityand quickly picked up a few gigs under their belts during the mid 2000s.

             “The band was originally comprised of a few friends getting together and jamming in between classes and on weekends. We didn’t book our first actual full band gig until 2006. There were a few acoustic gigs here and there, but nothing serious and we mostly played cover songs,” DeCapua said.

            Jones For Revival was just getting settled into theNortheastern Ohiojam scene during their early days. The band gravitated towards new musical inspirations after they shared stages with numerous bands at area festivals.

            “We had a gig at Nelson Ledges in April of 2007, and I think that was our first big transition from being a local band to a semi-regional act at the time. This gave us a chance to meet new people from all parts ofOhio. We must have had a good set that day, because our relationship with Nelson Ledges continues to grow and they give us many opportunities year round to spread our music to our listeners,” DeCapua said

            For Jones For Revival, the musical possibilities are endless. The band plans on touring regionally in 2012. This includes playing many huge festivals during the spring and summer months.

            “We plan on recording as much as possible and releasing as much music as we can. The goal is to record our music as fast as it comes out, so too much time doesn’t pass between the thought of creation and the creation itself. Jonesfest will always be an annual event, but in 2013 we plan on bringing a new jam festival to the valley. We are constantly working, we can’t sit still for too long or we’ll get weak!”



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